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Leather furniture, car interiors and handbags tend to adorn a discolored, tattered and worn-down look after some time. In such a situation, discarding or replacing them is not the only option you have. There are many leather restoration services we provide that will enhance and revive your old and ragged leather possessions and make them look brand new. In fact, leather restoration helps save money as it is much cheaper to restore and repair worn out leather instead of replacing them. So every time the leather starts fading and give a worn out look, just have it restored without having to replace them.

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Apart from the money you save, it is environmental friendly. Repairing and restoring leather is the most ecological friendly option as there is no need of buying and using any new leather for your upholstery.
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We provide this unique leather cleaning service to restore your existing leather back to its former glory. We do all this in your home and all in less than a day. No mess no fuss.
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Our leather restoration professionals also have the ability to recolour leather. Leather recolouring has become a popular choice, especially for individuals who want to have leather furniture resorted.
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"While this might come as a shock, most of the articles you read concerning leather are written by marketers or be people trying to sell various products. Few, if any of them have real hands on experience. They’re just not  interested in your sofa!

We are part of All Surface Repair. Our worksop is at Unit 5 Solus Tower Estate in Bray. Feel free to call us and arrange an appointment for some additional advise or more information about your leather solution.

Leaving open the option for leather restoration can help you enjoy your favorite leather furniture that much more. Trying to maintain fragile materials that are prone to damage can be stressful, and diminish your enjoyment of the items in question. Materials that are both expensive and fragile, like silk, can be particularly difficult. With the advent of leather restoration, leather does not need to fall into the same category as silk.

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Many people have the impulse to dispose of something when it breaks as opposed to fixing it. Culturally, there has been a steady movement in the direction of buying new things and disposing of older ones. Sometimes, it may actually be a cheap item, so it makes sense to go in that direction economically. Many types of genuine leather furniture, leather shoes, and other types of clothing made from leather are high quality items with high purchasing costs. Leather is often considered something of a luxury item for a reason. Therefore, leather restoration can be significantly more economical than swapping damaged leather items for new equivalent ones.

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TV3s Morning show did a small feature on us restoring a leather chair. This particular chair was part of a larger project that we were working on for the Four seasons hotel in Dublin.

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